Private Prices

For prices please book a consultation. Consultations cost £40.
(For braces and implants this fee will be deducted from the total when you pay for your treatment)

Treatments Available:
Clinical Examination
Scale, Polish & Stain Removal
Periodontal Treatment (per Q)
Amalgam Filling (silver)
Composite Fillings (white)
Root Canal Treatment
Crowns & Bridges
Inlays & Veneers
Gum Shield
Tooth Whitening

NHS Prices
NHS Treatment prices are split into 3 bands as follows:
Band 1 – £21.60 | Band 2 – £59.10 | Band 3 – £256.50

Treatments NHS Cost
Examination Accepting new NHS patients for 3 months Band 1
Cleaning Available if required Band 1
Fillings on back teeth (black) Amalgam filling Band 2
White fillings on back teeth Not available
Fillings on front teeth Standard shades Band 2
Crowns Available in standard shades Band 3
Root Treatment Available for teeth with simple uncomplicated roots Band 2
Extractions Simple extractions Band 2
Dentures Standard shades with teeth set up on a simple hinge Band 3
Cosmetic Not available
Grinding teeth Provision of hard acrylic bite guard Band 3
Implants Not available